All Sprague Woodworking solid wood tops have a limited lifetime warranty.  We will replace or repair any defect caused by our workmanship.  Your wood top and the finish on it is a natural product and will distress over time,  we can not control this nor do we warranty against it.   The size and shape of all wood tops change within tolerance due to environmental factors such as heat and humidity.  This movement in wood can also cause warping, checking and minor cracking all of which are considered normal with any natural wood product.  When purchasing one of our wood countertops you must understand it is a piece of furniture and will react and weather the years as such.  Your top reflects how you care for it so it is strongly recommended that you read all the countertop literature on our website.   The Oil based finish on your top should be reapplied every 5-8 years to help maintain maximum protection to your wood top. However, areas like sinks or heavy use areas should be inspected on a yearly basis to make sure the finish has not worn away or looks "tired".  

Any damage as the result of delivery must be reported immediately. Color and grain discrepancies are not a warranty item,  we will do our best to minimize these discrepancies but you must expect that your top will contain a variety of color and grain patterns from board to board as that is natural in all wood species.

DO NOT utilize glues or other adhesives to secure your top, doing so will void the warranty on your top because the adhesives or a non-slotted screw hole do not allow your top to move which can cause the top to crack.

Please note that any alterations made to your counter top once you take possession will also void the warranty.  It is imperative that you review the Care and Use page to understand other important information on cleaning your wood counter top and caring for it over time.