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Butcher Block Counter Top Construction

Face Grain Vs. Edge Grain

When building our solid wood counter tops, we offer two different construction techniques - a face grain plank style top or an edge grain butcher block style. The face grain plank style tops will contain boards measuring between 3"-9" in width and shows all the natural cathedral grains of the wood. While the edge grain tops contain strips of quarter sawn wood measuring 1 5/8" - 1 3/4" in width and have a more linear strait grain appearance. In both styles every board will run the entire length of the countertops and be glued and biscuit joined using only premium waterproof glues. There are no finger joints in our tops!

When considering a wood top keep in mind that they are made by nature and that the materials we use for our countertops are like people, their colors and appearances vary. Our craftsmen hand select the materials to provide the greatest color and grain match available, but even so there will still be color and grain variations which are part of the charm of your natural wood top. These color and grain variations are naturally occurring and can not be controlled, it is their individual variations that make all our wood countertops beautiful. When ordering a solid wood top you must expect that your top will have a certain amount of variation and can look slightly different than a small sample that has been provided to you. The thickness of your custom counter top is only limited by the raw materials available. Our standard thicknesses are listed on our "Ordering Your Countertop" page. If you do not see what your are looking for there, just call or email us and we will see if thicker material for your top is available from our suppliers.

We offer two types of butcher block surfaces the first is a non cutting countertop surface and the other is a true work surface. The difference between the two is only in the finishing process. For the countertop non cutting surface tops we finish using a Waterlox satin finish. This finish is FDA approved for direct food contact and does not require much maintenance over time. See our "Understanding Your Wood Countertop" page for more information on Waterlox. For our true butcher block work surfaces that will be used for cutting directly on we finish using a natural mineral oil or a tung oil Citrus finish which both require periodic reapplication by you.

According to testing performed by the Wisconsin Food Research Institute in 1993 and by the University of California-Davis Food Safety Laboratory in 1997, wood has antibacterial properties that other countertop materials do not. Disease-causing bacteria, which can form on any cutting surface where food is prepared, disappear very quickly from wood surfaces, thereby making wood cutting surfaces the safest choice for cutting and preparation needs in the kitchen.