Solid Wood Counter Tops

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Natural wood countertops are enjoying a real revival!

History of our Tops

Solid Wood counter tops are not new to us—since 1979 we have been building custom wood counter tops and cabinetry for our customers across the country. Over the years, our customers have asked us to build solid wood counter tops for many of their custom projects. We found ourselves putting wood counter tops on our kitchen cabinetry, built-in storage benches, desk areas and even fireplace mantels. The constant demand for solid wood counter tops over the years naturally evolved into a full blown product line. Wood counter tops are our fastest growing and most popular product that we manufacture. We can build you an entire kitchen of custom solid wood counter tops or a simple kitchen island butcher block countertop. We also manufacture bar tops, desk tops, table tops and any other application you have that a solid wood top is needed! We are easy to work with and can do whatever you need!

Our custom wood counter tops are found in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and beyond. Whether you find one in the second floor bath of a brownstone in Boston or overlooking Sengekontacket Pond on Martha's Vineyard, our countertops are sure to provide a warmth and character not often seen in today's construction. Our custom wood counter tops provide a traditional feel unmatched by any other countertop product. They can be used as the main top in your kitchen or as an accent piece for some standalone cabinetry! Check out our Project Gallery on Houzz!

Our Countertop Construction Styles:

Butcher Block Style (Edge Grain) - Our edge grain, butcher block countertops consist of strips of wood measuring 1 5/8" - 1 3/4" in width being glued together to make your top. Like our wide plank countertops our butcher block strips of wood also run the entire length of the top and are also biscuited together with premium waterproof glues. There are no finger joints in our butcher block counter tops! Butcher Block style counter tops were historically used as cutting boards because the edge grain of the wood is a bit more durable then the face grain. Your butcher block can be used in this fashion or sealed with a finish that is food safe and not meant to be cut on. The Butcher Block style offers a unique look!!!!

Plank Style (Face Grain) - The face grain wide wood plank counter tops will use boards measuring between 3"-10" in width. Each board will run the length of the countertop and be glued and biscuit joined the entire length using only premium waterproof glues. Wood plank counter tops are a bit more classic looking, like a piece of furniture, where you see all the character and grain patterns available in the wood!

Reclaimed Wood Countertops & Live Edge Countertops - New to our solid wood counter top family are our reclaimed lumber and live edge tops. We have the ability to make either and have a variety of sources for both products. Both our reclaimed lumber and live edge tops are limited in wood species and what our suppliers have available. If this is a product of interest to you call the shop so we can discuss the details! All we can say is WOW! This is a one of a kind with a story product!

Hickory Plank Style Counter Top
Walnut Plank Style Counter Top