Solid Wood Shelves

Introducing our new wood shelf product line. These are very popular in conjunction with our solid wood counter top product. We can offer to you shelves in a variety of standard sizes as well as a custom size if needed. These are available in any of our standard wood species as well as live edge shelves in walnut, cherry and ash. Our reclaimed oak and native New England softwood product is also available!

Reclaimed Oak floating shelves

STEP 1: Choose Wood Species

  • Walnut

  • Cherry

  • Sapele Mahogany

  • Hickory

  • Maple

  • Red/White Oak

  • Character Grade Oak

  • Live Edge (Walnut, Cherry, Ash)

Live Edge Walnut Shelf

STEP 2: Choose Your Finish

  • Unfinished

  • Hand Rubbed Waterlox Tung Oil Finish

  • Clear Coat Lacquer Finish

  • Zar stain applied

STEP 3: Choose the Size of your Shelf

  • THICKNESS: 1" , 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4" , 2", and 2 1/4"

  • LENGTHS AVAILABLE: 24", 36", 48" or any custom length desired

  • WIDTHS AVAILABLE: 8", 10", 12", 14" or any custom depth desired (any shelf deeper than 10" would require a 2 1/4" thick floating shelf because the floating shelf bracket needed for that depth is a heavier duty bracket. )

*****For the most strength brackets should be mounted to a wood surface (directly to studs) or solid blocking directly behind the bracket. You can mount them over the top of the drywall, and most of our customers do, but be aware that it is less than ideal if the shelf is wider than 8" or if more than decorative things will be placed on it of substantial weight. In such cases the drywall can compress under the weight of a loaded shelf causing the shelf to sag.

STEP 4: Choose Your Bracket

  • No Bracket Needed

  • Hidden Shelf Bracket and Shelf Prep (Prices Below)

22" Bracket System and Shelf Prep (will fit a 24" shelf)

34" Bracket System and Shelf Prep (will fit a 36" shelf)

44" Bracket System and Shelf Prep (will fit a 48" shelf)


Walnut Shelf with Hidden Bracket System

Pricing Information

  • Please fill out counter top estimate form and indicate your product is a shelf or call shop at 978-456-3947