Ordering Your Countertop

Cherry Plank Style

Walnut Plank Style

Sprague Woodworking prides itself in being reachable, customer friendly, and especially helpful in answering any and all questions related to our customers countertop projects. Please don't hesitate to call one of our craftsmen today and start the process of owning a beautiful solid wood counter top! We do not have a large sales staff, you will likely be speaking directly to one of the guys who builds the tops!!!!

Ordering a counter top is easy with Sprague Woodworking simply provide us your counter top measurements, a hand sketch or computer generated drawing.

As a guide, follow these 5 steps below:




Butcher Block Style

Plank Style

Reclaimed Style



Red Oak
White Oak
Knotty Pine
Clear Pine
Sapele Mahogany

For Reclaimed Wood Options please call the shop




1 1/8"

1 1/4"

1 1/2"

1 3/4"


2 1/8"

2 1/4"



(Sketches Below)

Classic Cove & Bead


Custom Ogee

**Roman Ogee


*Step and Round

* Radius and Step and Round edge profiles offered in 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" and 3/4" Radius**Roman Ogee edge profiles offered in 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2" Radius

Above are the standard outside edge profiles that we offer. We like to keep it simple! If you do not like what we have, send us a picture....we may be able to do it!



Stain with Waterlox Tung Oil finish

Natural with Waterlox Tung Oil

Mineral Oil with Beezwax



Hand Rubbed Waterlox Satin Finish

(Lowest Maintenance)

Recommended for Tops used as a non cutting countertop surface

Most of our customers choose to leave their countertop its natural color and apply only the Waterlox finish, it is your choice. All of our finishes are hand rubbed and applied by our craftsmen. If you choose the Waterlox finish for your top it can not be cut on. It is a durable finish and is FDA approved for food prep and also protects your top from water marks and most stains. You should think about your wood top as a piece of furniture and it is important to understand the Waterlox finish so that you can make sure your top stays protected over time. Realistically how long the finish lasts is really determined by you and how you maintain and treat your top. If you properly care for your top and have not penetrated or worn through the finish it will last five or even ten years without re-coating and we truly have many tops out there that do. The general rule of thumb is you should add a coat if you notice the finish is starting to get worn looking or has been penetrated. It is also OK to just touch up the tired areas of your top but it can be hard to blend and re-coating the entire top is sometimes easier. Please visit, www.waterlox.com for complete information on the Waterlox finish. Check out our Care and Maintenance page for information on cleaning and maintaining your top!

Stain Colors and Your Wood Countertop

(Lowest Maintenance)

Recommended for Tops used as a non cutting countertop surface

Although most people do not have their wood tops stained and prefer the woods natural beauty Sprague Woodworking does offers a variety of stain colors for or countertops. We use both ZAR Premium Oil Based Stains and Old Masters Premium Oil based stains. You can choose from any of their stock colors. After staining your top we then finish your countertop with four coats of Premium Quality hand rubbed Waterlox satin finish. If you have placed an order with us we will send you three stock color samples for free after that it is $20 for every sample we make up plus shipping. If you have not placed an order with us the latter applies but we will be glad to deduct it from your countertop order once it is placed.

***Since stain is not a solid color and looks different on every wood species we do not color match as there are thousands of combinations. If you are trying to color match an existing color or something you have seen in a picture we are glade to send you up to four unfinished wood sample pieces of the species you are interested in for you to take to your local Zar or Old Masters dealer for a custom color match. If you want to pick up the unfinished sample pieces they are free, otherwise we can ship them for $25

Mineral Oil and Beezwax

(Highest Maintenance) ***not recommended for sink locations***

Recommended for Cutting Boards (regular reapplication of the finish is necessary)

This is a finish we recommend as an option for our cutting boards, because they are easy to refinish on a regular basis. This finish can also be applied to your counter top, but is a finish that requires a great deal of maintenance and your countertop with this finish will need to be oiled every 3 - 4 weeks.

To maintain the finish, simply apply this mineral oil on your board with a cotton rag or you can even use a paper towel. We recommend you do this reapplication every couple of weeks so that your cutting board or counter top does not completely dry out. We use Howards Mineral Oil and Beeswax natural finish, http://www.howardproducts.com/product/butcher-block-conditioner/. If you choose this type of finish you can expect that your wood surface will feel slightly rough and the grain of the wood may raise a bit after wiping it down with water. This mineral oil finish needs to be reapplied on a consistent basis.

If any modification is made to your top after you receive it (I.E. sink hole cut out, faucet hole cutout or simply trimming the edge of your top) you MUST immediately finish this area by applying either the tung oil finish on the exposed wood or the natural mineral oil finish. Failure to protect these newly exposed areas will void any warranty.

Walnut Plank Style

Hickory Plank Style