Our Team

Whit Sprague—Founder and CEO

Whit has been at the helm of Sprague Woodworking since 1979. He is semi-retired but continues to oversee the business, and shares his craft with his son Alex Sprague and son-in-law Glenn Pafford. Whit has over 50 years of woodworking experience and holds a Bachelor of Industrial Arts degree from Oswego State University. He is an accomplished builder, woodworker, swimmer, golfer, father and grandfather. He and his wife Rhonda have four children, 14 grandchildren, and two businesses - Sprague Woodworking and Harvard Realty.

Direct Email: whit@spraguewoodworking.com

Alex Sprague—VP & Director of Counter Top Operations

Alex is a second generation Chief Master Craftsman and a talented Home Builder. As a graduate of Fitchburg State College with a degree in Construction Technology, Alex offers technical vision. Alex has built many custom homes in and around Harvard Massachusetts and has also worked on dozens of detailed renovation projects. Alex is no doubt the finest craftsman we know. With 30 years of experience, he is skilled at effortlessly replicating projects from either a detailed architect's plan or just a picture in a magazine. He is the brains and talent behind all of Sprague Woodworking's custom builds! In our small business, all of our employees wear many hats. Alex is also a master at sales, offering a wealth of knowledge to our customers, while patiently answering questions so that they feel confident in their end product.

Direct Email: Alex@spraguewoodworking.com

Matt Sprague - Assistant Counter Top Operations Manager / Inside Sales

Matt has many years of experience working with Alex building countertops and has become quite the expert at it. He has a keen eye for choosing the perfect boards, visualizing the finished tops and assembling them with precision so the final outcome is truly unique and special. He takes pride in showing off his work, enjoys very much talking to customers about the process and is a huge asset to our small team. He wears many hats, like we all do, and is always ready to jump in to take on new roles. He is our in house advertising and social media guru! In his off time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, and loves to play games and read!

Direct Email: Matt@spraguewoodworking.com

Nancy Pafford - Office Manager / Inside Sales / Bookkeeper

Nancy is our trusty office manager. She handles keeping all of our books straight, office files organized, money coming in and going out, lights on and toilet paper ordered. She is very integral in helping with marketing and website maintenance. (She can also pitch in and build doors as needed.) She recently recovered the website that was mysteriously deleted by some unknown source from across the globe. She has been hanging around the workshop since the start, 35 years ago... daughter to the founder/owner, Whit Sprague. She lives in NH with her family, actively involved in her community, supporting her five kids and all of their various sports and activities.

Direct Email: Nancy@spraguewoodworking.com

Zach Pafford—Operations Assistant (UNH Grad)

Ethan Sprague—Counter Top Specialist (UMass Lowell Student)

William Sprague—Counter Top Specialist (UMass Lowell Student)