Countertop Companions

While we do not currently sell these products, they are incredibly handy to have for a wood surface adding an extra layer of utility and appeal. 

Edlund Can Opener

Looking for that perfect form and function approach to your kitchen? A professional style can opener adds sophistication to any workspace. If you have never encountered one, the metal plate screws directly into the countertop, and the can opener portion slides up and down to accommodate various size cans.

Soap Tray

Our wood countertops are finished with products that are incredibly resistant to water, however that finish can, in some cases, get damaged by prolonged spillage from household cleaners. To alleviate this possibility, a soap tray can easily clear up any and all pains related to repeated cleaning product interactions. 

Soap dish/trivet

Similar to the soap tray, these can be used for chemical cleaning products, but also for setting hot items to cool off. Wood has a time tested negative relationship with fire, so best to keep items that come from the oven off of the counter.

Multipurpose Silicone Mat

This product is made of silicone rods (some are steel wrapped in silicone) that are a great permeable surface to set onto a counter. Each rod is about the diameter of a pencil, giving enough space to function without being too bulky. They roll up to be easily stored and have many common uses. While useful as a dish drying rack, they can also be used as trivets, or just as a non slip backing to a cutting board or mixing bowl.