Cutting Boards

For years we have been making cutting boards for family and friends as Christmas gifts and also as donations to local charities for auction items to help raise money.

Our American Flag cutting board is tremendously popular as a specialty gift as well as a favorite item for our charity auctions! Because of their popularity and the constant requests from our customers we have decided to make them part of our standard product line.

In the process of making our cabinet doors and countertops we have always had a certain amount of "throw away" material. After some trial and error in the shop we have standardized our operations to allow us to use material that normally would've been thrown out to make some unique and beautiful cutting boards! These boards are high quality and reasonably priced and a great way to add some character and warmth to your kitchen

Pictured here is our famous American Flag Cutting board as well two mixed hardwood cutting boards!

Construction Technique & Board Specifications

Your cutting board will be made in an edge grain construction technique which is basically a butcher block style. The edge grain is a bit more durable and holds up better to being cut directly on. The individual strips of lumber in your cutting board will range in width from 13/16" - 1 1/4" wide and your board will be approximately 1" thick. Your board is built using premium waterproof glues and clamps. We do not use quick drying glue or an electronic heating process to speed up the glue hardening process. With the exception of utilizing biscuit joinery our cutting boards are built the same way as our solid wood counter tops. All our cutting boards have a 1/4" radius outside edge profile and finger grabs routed into the bottoms or sides for easy grabbing off the counter. You can also request bread board ends which are strips of lumber glued onto the end of the cutting board to create a picture frame look. To the right, you can see in addition to the American Flag, there are two boards that have walnut bread board ends. Our cutting boards come in two sizes, 12" x 22" and 14" x 22" - both ideal sizes for working in the kitchen!


Each board comes to you with a 180 grit finish as well as a hand rubbed mineral oil finish. We recommend finishing your board with several more coats of mineral oil before use and to reapply this finish every three to four weeks. Your cutting board should be cleaned by washing with soap and water and air dried or tower dried, NEVER should it be placed in a dishwasher! Cutting board oil can be purchased at any Home Depot, Lowes or similar stores.

Types of Wood Available

As with our counter tops you can purchase your cutting board in any of the below wood species:

  • Maple
  • Oak (red or white)
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Walnut

We also offer what is called a "mixed hardwood" board which is a combination of any of the above listed types of woods. Pictured below left to right is a maple board with walnut bread board ends, a simple maple cutting board and lastly a mixed maple and walnut board with walnut bread board ends.

Ordering your Cutting Board In 3 Easy Steps!

1. Call the Shop at 978-456-3947 or e-mail us at

2. Tell Us size of your board I.E. 12" x 22" or 14" x 22"

3. Type of wood species requested or a mixed hardwood board.....and do you want breadboard ends.

4. Boy that is easy!!!!!!!!

Cutting Board Pricing

  • All cutting boards come with mineral oil finish, 1/4" outside edge profile and finger routes. Price variations depend on wood species chosen with maple being the least expensive and walnut being the most expensive
  • Single species cutting boards I.E. all maple or all mahogany - $40 - $60
  • Mixed hardwood cutting boards - $50 - $70
  • Cutting boards with bread board ends - Additional $15
  • American Flag Cutting Boards - $150.00!


  • Single board orders have a minimum shipping charge of $25
  • Multiple board orders are 12% of the cost of the total order

Enjoy Your Cutting Board!!!!!