Box Mantles

Solid Wood Mantles

At Sprague Woodworking Co, we offer solid wood mantles up to 2 3/4" thick. The difficulty in making solid wood mantels thicker than this becomes an availability issue in conjunction with the natural warping and cracking of thicker pieces during the drying process. If you are interested in a thicker mantle, we offer a solution- the Box Mantle.

Box Mantles

Using complex miter cuts, we offer shelving and mantles with a thicker look, without the warping problems of a solid product. These must be custom ordered. The shelves can be any thickness; the only caveat is that they need to have blocking installed on-site. We offer no hardware or installation service for this product but it is easily accomplished by a carpenter or contractor.

Sample Box Shelving/Mantles

Mitered Corners

Box Interior


Mantle Installation

The Installation process is smooth, needing only construction adhesive and a few trim nails down from the top into blocking to fully secure the box to the wall blocking. 

STEP 1:  Choose Wood Species

Walnut (Top) Character Oak (Bottom)

STEP 2: Choose Your Finish

STEP 3:  Choose the Size of your Box Mantle

*For the most strength solid blocking should be installed directly into the wall studs

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