Templating, Installation & Delivery

Templating Services

Sprague Woodworking does offer templating services to our customers within a 120 mile radius of our shop address. Please call the shop to discuss your project in more detail.  Templating appointments occur after an order is placed and are scheduled about 4 weeks prior to the delivery date of the countertop.   The delivery/ship date fluctuates, depending on the work load at the time of your order.   Our normal lead times are around 6 - 8 weeks (when templates are required).   

Please Note:  All cabinetry must be in place at the time of templating.  If you have a sink located in your top we will need the sink on site as we bring the actual sink back to the shop with us to use as a router guide to cut the sink hole.  If your sink is a farmers apron sink it must be installed in your cabinetry before we can template.

Installation Options

Sprague Woodworking offers delivery and installation services for an additional charge.  We require the cabinetry and all support work (brackets, blocking, etc.) to be installed and in place, prior to the installation appointment.   Any old or existing countertops must be removed prior to installation as well, as we do not offer a service to remove them at this time.

If you decide to handle your own installation of our countertops you are welcome to do so, however we only warranty tops that have been installed correctly.  We recommend that your top be fastened down through over sized holes with wood screws that penetrate at least one half the thickness of your top.  Because wood shrinks and expands due to the weather and climate,  screws with washers should be utilized to secure your countertop to your cabinets.  They should be centered in over sized holes that allow the top to move and so the screw can move with it.  DO NOT utilize glues or other adhesives to secure your top.  Doing so will void the warranty on your top.  Using adhesives or not having an over sized  hole where the screw secures the top to its base, will not allow your top to move which can cause the top to crack or warp.  Keep in mind that wood tops are similar to a wood exterior door and must be sealed on all edges/sides and top and bottom to protect from warping and cracking over time.  Any faucet holes drilled on site or wall scribes which remove finish should be sealed prior to installation.  Failure to do so will void the warranty of your top.

Wood countertops can react poorly to prolonged exposure to heat; most modern day appliances come with an insulating foil membrane that will protect your countertops from their use.   If you plan on utilizing a vintage appliance without these built-in protections it is NOT RECOMMENDED to install your wood counter top directly on top of a heat source, I.E. built-in ovens, dishwashers, or under mount appliances, unless you take some protective measures to help deflect the heat from your top.   A heavy duty aluminum foil membrane must be attached to the underside of your top in these areas before installation. 

If you have any questions at all concerning installing your top please don’t hesitate to call the shop!


Sprague Woodworking utilizes UPS for small pieces such as floating shelves while we personally  delivery our larger countertops.   Your counter top should be inspected at delivery and any damage noted should be reported immediately.  We have found through the years that large wood countertops are often damaged by freight services and as a result we do not ship large pieces through those providers.  Therefore unfortunately if you are outside of New England beyond our service area you would have to pick up your top.