Wall Paneling

Add a Classic Elegance to Any Room

Sprague Woodworking offers a variety of wainscoting panel systems which match our custom door profiles. We produce raised panel, flat panel or beadboard paneling systems all fabricated in the wood of your choice. The panels for your wall systems can have a Standard, Shaker, Roman or Gentry Style Frame.

We build our paneling systems to your exact specifications and do not limit you to only two sizes like other manufacturers. Please call for design ideas and pricing.

When ordering, simply provide us with the width of the area to be covered and the desired height. We will work with you on panel layout and the frame dimensions.

The paneling pictured above is a good example of all the different applications that can be used for wall systems. These custom wall paneling systems are used in the stairway, hallway and wrapping an open balcony area. Notice the paneling used in the bathroom at the base of a jacuzzi tub. This system can be removed so that access can be gained to the plumbing and electrical system of the tub if need be.

On the right is paneling for a bar unit. This paneling is made from mahogany and the style is standard frame with a standard raised panel. This bar is over 20' long, the paneling system was built in two units, assembled and finished at the Sprague Woodworking shop. The installation on this unit was done by Tom Mack of Tom Mack Cabinetry. This bar is located at the world famous International Golf Club located in Bolton, MA. We wonder if the PGA professionals will have a drink at this bar and admire the fine quality craftsmanship of Sprague Woodworking!

Two more examples of wall paneling systems used to add classic elegance to your room. In the picture to the left notice the location of outlets in the center of the panels. Sprague Woodworking can help you design and layout of your wall systems to help avoid any problems or issues!