Exterior Shutters

RESTORE Beauty! PRESERVE Character!

ADD Curb Appeal!

Sprague Woodworking is now only building exterior shutters out of our Azek trim Board material. We are no longer building our exterior shutters out of wood!

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Sprague Woodworking offers a variety of custom exterior shutters built in virtually any size or configuration. We offer customers high quality hand crafted shutters using only Azek PVC Trim Board and build each shutter to your exact specifications.

Whether you are preserving, rehabilitating, restoring, or adding shutters, you can rely on our handcrafted custom built shutters to re-create the historical appearance of your home's exterior quite beautifully.


Sprague Exterior Shutters are made in your choice of the following materials:

Azek Composite Trim Board Only

Our composite wood shutters are crafted with the same woodworking techniques and milled with the same machinery that we use for our other wood products.

Boston Style Louvered Shutters

New York Style Louvered Shutters

Combination Raised Panel and Louvered Shutters

Raised Panel Shutters

Flat Panel Shutters

Flat Panel Shutters w/Cut-Outs

Board and Batten Shutters

No Rot, No Maintenance!


A fixed louver shutter with 3/4" horns on bottom of the shutter.

Boston Shutter Specifications:

(All shutters over 50" made with a 3 1/2" middle rail)

Top Rail = 2 1/2"

Bottom Rail = 2 1/2"

Middle Rail = 3 1/2"

Side Stiles = 2"

Louver Blades = 1 3/4"

Shutter Thickness = 1"

Horns = 3/4"


A fixed louver shutter with a square bottom rail.

New York Shutter Specifications:

(All shutters over 50" made with a 3 1/2" middle rail)

Top Rail = 2 1/2"

Middle Rail = 2 1/2"

Bottom Rail = 4 1/8"

Side Stiles = 2"

Louver Blades/Slats = 1 3/4"

Shutter Thickness = 1"


Raised Panel Shutter Specifications:

Top Rail = 2 1/4"

Bottom Rail = 2 1/4"

Middle Rail = 2 1/4"

Side Stiles = 2 1/4"

Panel Thickness = 5/8"

Shutter Thickness = 1"

(Raised Panel is only raised in front. Back of shutter is flat.)


Board and Batten Shutter Specifications:

Individual Boards = varies depending on # of boards and width of shutter

Battens (Horizontal) = 3 1/2"

Board Thickness = 1"

Batten Thickness = 1"


These shutters can be ordered in a variety of configurations and materials. One panel, two panels, panel positioned at top or bottom. Please call the shop to discuss the shutter specifications.

Here are a few custom shutter that are heading to Cape Cod. The builder tasked us with replicating the specifications of existing shutters to include matching the existing cutout and frame dimensions!

Hinges, Pintels, Holdbacks, Slidebolts and Latches

Please call the shop for more information on exterior shutter hardware. We would be happy to discuss your mounting and hardware options in more detail because hardware is dependent on how you plan on mounting your shutters.

Exterior Shutter Hardware


In some cases, Sprague Woodworking can pre-prime shutters, but does not offer a catalog of finishes at this time. All Sprague Woodworking shutters are sanded and ready for applying finish.


We have created a Guide to Ordering Shutters that will simplify the measuring process. We'd be happy to go over any issue you have meausuring over the phone.

Special Orders

If you need a special shutter style not described here, please contact us there is a good chance we can produce it for you. We do a fair share of reproduction work.

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