Custom Solid Wood Drawer Fronts

Sprague Woodworking Offers A Number of

Custom Solid Wood Drawer Fronts

Slab Raised Panel (pictured)

Shaker Frame with Flat Panel (pictured)

Shaker Frame with Raised Panel

Standard Frame with Raised Panel (pictured)

Standard Frame with Flat Panel

Shaker Frame with Beadboard Panel

Slab (pictured)

Hardwood kitchen drawer fronts can be ordered with a square, rounded, step and round, or 3/8" rabbet outside edge profile. Other profiles may be available. View our Cabinet Door Sell Sheet for more details or call (978) 456-3947 to talk to a professional woodworker who will be more than happy to supply you with a free quote for your project.

If you need a specialized kitchen drawer front style that you do not see described here, please contact us—there is a good chance that we can produce it for you. Our woodworking professionals can build you a custom solid wood drawer front to match any door style that we offer. We pride ourselves on establishing a direct line of communication with our customer so we can ensure that we are satisfying ever one of your style and sizing specifications.

Slab Raised Panel

Hardwood kitchen drawer fronts are made to your exact size requirements in the

following wood species:

(If you are looking for a wood not listed below, please call the shop)

Clear Pine

#2 Pine (Knotty)

Red Oak

White Oak

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)






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