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Blum Hinge Hardware and Hettich Drawer Slides

Sprague Woodworking utilizes Blum hinges and Hettich drawer slide systems to be utilized with our cabinet door and drawer box product. The Blum hinge and Hettich drawer slide technology is top of the line for an affordable price.
We can bore our doors with a 35 mm hole which receives the Blum Hinge of your choice depending on the mounting option you choose. The hinge simply fits into the hole in the back of the door and then attaches to the side of the face frame or the side of the cabinet wall. 
The hinges are fully adjustable to help with ease of installation. We supply this service and the hardware at the prices below.
  • Pair of Blum Overlay Face Frame hinges including hinge boring = $14.50/door
  • Pair of Blum Inset hinges including hinge boring = $18.50/door
  • For a soft close option on any hinges you can add an additional $6

Cabinet Door Mounting Options

The Blum face frame hinge will be utilized for a variety of overlay applications. We can get Blum overlay hinges ranging from a 1/2" overlay to a 1 1/4" overlay application

1/2" Overlay (outside mount)- This means that your door will overlay the face frame 1/2".

1 1/4" Overlay (outside mount) - This means that your door will overlay your face frame 1 1/4".
The Blum Inset Hinge will be used for the following mounting application.
Inset (inside mount) - This means that your door sits entirely in the opening of your cabinet. Sprague Woodworking recommends a 3/32" - 1/8" gap between the edge of your door and the edge of the face frame.
The mounting option you choose effects how to measure for your cabinet doors.  We have designed a guide within our Cabinet Door Sell Sheet on page #2 that will simplify the measuring process.  The outside mount described in our brochure is referring to an overlay mounting application.  An inside mount is referring to an inset door.   We'd be happy to discuss and help you figure out any measuring issues you have, simply call the shop.

Hettich Drawer Slides

In addition to Hettich hinges, Sprague Woodworking also carries and utilizes three different Hettich Drawer slides. The full extension Ball Bearing Slide KA 5632, the Quadro IW 20 Silent System and the Roll Runner Sytem FR 402.  The drawer slides are described in detail by clicking on the links above.
Sprague Woodworking can fabricate your drawer box to accept the Quadro IW 20 Silent System while the Roll Runner system and Ball Bearing slide simply screws onto the side of your box.
We will also assist you in measuring for your drawer boxes so that the slide you choose works properly in the cabinet opening you have. The cost of a pair of drawer slides is below.

Ball Bearing Slide KA 5632 = $20.90 per pair

Quadro IW 20 Silent System = $41.90 per pair

Roll Runner System FR 402 = $7.25 per pair
Pictured above is a custom entertainment unit utilizing the side mount
ball bearing slide from Hettich. The drawer system above holds the
entertainment unit's speakers system and has a false back to hide wiring
and other components which are mounted in the very back of the drawer.